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Every product has its journey, and depending on what point in the journey your Start Up is currently at – Smash Cloud has solution offering for you.


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Start Up Paths

Your start up falls into one of the two following categories – Smash Cloud works with Start Ups in both categories, and we look forward to making you our next success story.

Just Starting Up

You’ve got a brilliant idea, maybe some funding and have hit the ground running. If you’re just starting up and need help with product strategy, design or development – Smash Cloud has the perfect service offering for you. We help start-ups quickly hit MVP and go to market by helping them strategize, design and develop their base offering.

The very beginning is the toughest part of a start up’s journey – you’ve got very limited resources, you’re not ready to grow your payroll and your energies are best focused on securing customers, partnerships and investors – instead of spending countless hours finding, hiring, training and working with designers and developers. We’re here to help, and Smash Cloud will serve as your internal tech and design team – helping you from everything from product strategy to execution till you’ve hit MVP.

So if you’re just starting up – make Smash Cloud yours, the same way several start up entrepreneurs like you already have.

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Scaling Up

You’re past MVP, and you’re looking to scale fast. You have a small internal tech team, and you want to go faster to meet your customer and investor demands. Finding great tech talent is hard, expensive and you might not need full time resources for everything – that is where your partner with Smash Cloud. We’ve served as the entire teach team for fast growing start ups, and have helped several others scale fast in a smaller capacity – at a far lower cost than an inhouse team.

Smash Cloud’s specialized expertise can help your fast-growing start up hit its next big milestone, and allow you to fully realize the vision you had for your product. The MVP stage is full compromises, and the post-MVP stage is where you finally get a chance to bring to the world your full vision.

If you’re scaling up – partner with Smash Cloud to accelerate your growth, just like several other start ups, just like yours, already have.

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