Who We Are?

Smash Cloud consists of teams of specialists that works with businesses and technology startups to enable innovative business transformation by leveraging the power of digital. We focus on customer facing applications, and help companies define and deliver great customer journeys and experiences, backed up by world-class engineering.

Our core mission is to help businesses and individuals bring ideas to life by enabling them to achieve their true potential. While most agencies and companies in our industry invest time and resources in taking instructions on tasks that they have to execute, we invest in learning more about your business, products and objectives. This focus on product strategy and innovation allow our teams to propose ideas and solutions that enable innovative business transformation and allow our clients to build and maintain their competitive edge.

Put simply, we’re problem-solvers, with a knack for innovation, tech and design. And we’ve been putting this to good use, whether it be helping one of the world’s largest insurance companies redefine the experience of their health and wellness solution, helping anaerobic digestion plant owners get more out of their machinery through big data and analytics or helping a high-end fashion upstart grow by over 1700% in 2 years by leveraging e-commerce and digital marketing. Smash Cloud is all about Innovation. Design. And technology.

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