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SmashCloud offers end to end design and development solutions for both web and mobile.

  • Product Strategy

    Product Strategy

    SmashCloud Works with Product Managers to Define Strategy at The Conception Phase.

  • UX Design

    UX Design

    User Experience can Make or Break Your Product – SmashCloud’s Dedicated UX Team Allows Companies to Increase Engagement Through Intuitive Experiences

  • UI Design

    UI Design

    SmashCloud’s Design Services Are Among Our Most in-Demand Service Offerings – Work with Us to Make Your Products More Loveable

  • Front-End Development

    Front-End Development

    SmashCloud’s Dedicated Frontend Teams Work Across Platforms to Translate Design into Intractable Interfaces

  • Back-End Development

    Back-End Development

    SmashCloud Works with Innovative Companies to Build Scalable Backend Solutions for Robust and Reliable Product Offerings

  • Quality-Assurance


    SmashCloud Helps Companies Ensure Their Products Are Ready for Action with Extensive Assurance Services


Who We Work With

Smash Cloud works with a range of businesses, most of which fall into the following two categories. Make your pick and learn more about service offering.

Technology Startups

Are you a technology start up founder or CTO?

Smash Cloud works with a range of technology startups, that have some form of funding and are looking to get their products out to market fast. Every start-up founder is out to disrupt an industry and disruption requires speed and a sense of urgency.

Whether it be your investors or limited resources, pressure to get your minimally viable product out to market fast, is something all founders and CTO’s experience. Smash Cloud doesn’t build minimally viable products (MVPs), we build minimally loveable products. Your product might be viable, but for true disruption – your users must fall in love. Whether you have a concept or an already built product, SmashCloud’s specialists can help you achieve critical mass.

With our product strategy teams working closely to understand/build your proposition to our knack for technology and design, Smash Cloud is where dreams come to life.

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Businesses Looking for The Tech Edge

Technology is the biggest story in business today, plain and simple. Sure, newspapers are full of headlines of how college students built a billion-dollar company out of their basement or garage, but the technology sector itself hardly makes up 10% of the global economy. What about the other 90%?

The real technology story is in the quiet revolution taking place in other 90%. Technology is driving innovative business transformation with a shift to a customer-centric world where customers are empowered. The world’s information rests on their fingertips and they expect businesses to be available to them easily, instantly and wherever they are.

Smash Cloud works with businesses in multiple industries from health and wellbeing to high-end fashion retail, to gain or maintain a competitive edge in their industry by turning technology into innovative business transformation.

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